Steak, Grilled Peppers, Mushrooms and Onions


The way the food tastes cooked over a fire makes me long for this time of  year even more.

And whats even better than a bbq, is a camp fire with two pieces of wood holding up a metal grate to cook on. Now THAT’S real cooking!

Unfortunately for us we are not the proud owners of a pretty, glistening, stainless steel grill. We wouldn’t even have a place to stick the darn thing if we were [and I believe that it is frowned upon to start fires in your backyard at home, no?] So when the opportunity arises to bust out some skills on the outdoor grill, you can be sure I am there seizing it.

Since I am currently visitng my family in London and have no idea what supplies they have in the fridge, I immediately buried my nose and began rifling for some veggies [as my Dad had already pulled out steaks earlier in the day, I just had to deal with the veggies].

I managed to pull out a whole bunch of delicious mushrooms, a couple mighty fine looking peppers and an onion! [They also had some delicious looking corn on the cob I would have liked to try again bbq style, but there’s always next time].

I’ve never been the person responsible for any outdoor grilling so I just followed my gut instincts and went for it with fantastic results!

  1. I carefully washed and removed any stickers from the delicious produce.

  2. I started first with the mushrooms and cut them into slices [3-4 slices per shroom]. If you don’t have a grilling dish that comes with most bbqs you can always grab some tinfoil to do the job just as well! Lay your tinfoil down on the counter and spread mushrooms.

  3. Next take your onion and cut off both ends and remove the outer shell. Cut onion into very thick slices [4 slices or so should be good] and separate onion slices with your hands over your mushrooms. Now takes a scoop of butter [tablespoon or so] and distribute it throughout your veggies so that the mushrooms on the bottom don’t dry out! This is where you can add a little salt and pepper or whatever spices your  heart desires. This is the tricky part. You need to close up the tinfoil so it envelopes the veggies and so that the butter when melted, doesn’t drip out onto the grill! This may take some practice,  CHEF’S TIP – but luckily there are many companies out there that sell larger rolls of tinfoil for the exact purpose of grilling. So if you haven’t quite yet mastered turning your tinfoil into a little boat, don’t fret, just pick up some industrial tinfoil and voila! You will want to toss this package of yumminess on the grill around the same time as your meat, and cook on low-med heat [until meat is done, or 10-12 minutes if cooking on their own].

  4. I then took the peppers and chopped the tops off and cleaned out all the guts [or seeds] and gave them a second rinse to ensure no seeds are stuck to the sides! I then cut each pepper into 4-6 hunks.  The peppers went straight on the grill on low heat for about 5-6 minutes before the rest of the meal was ready. [Cook the peppers to taste, if you like more of the black char marks, cook longer and on a slightly higher temperature, if you like them a bit firmer, reduce heat and cooking time].

Mushrooms and onions almost ready for grilling

Mushrooms and onions almost ready for grilling

Steaks for the whole block, veggies and taters!

Steaks for the whole block, veggies and taters!

When cooking vegetables and meat together on the grill it is important to remember that each  item has an extremely different cooking temperature and time. For example, if you were to want a baked potato, medium rare steak and veggies you would want to begin cooking your baked potato well in advance. If you forget to start cooking your taters in advance and still wish to include them in your meal –

CHEF’S TIP – Simply take a fork and stab your potato a bunch of times and pop it into the microwave for a couple of minutes and THEN wrap it in tinfoil and put it on the grill. You will reduce your cook time by 50% without affecting the taste!

Generally poatatos take the longest to cook on the grill, followed by meat and ending with vegetables. Be sure to check the internal temperature of chicken cooked on the grill and be certain that no pink areas remain. Chicken, unlike beef, is unsafe to consume when ANY pink remains in the meat and CAN NOT be served rare!!!!!!!!!!

BBQ dinner a la TOZER's <3

BBQ dinner a la TOZER's ❤