Fruit Protein Smoothie

This is a great smoothie for the morning as it really gets you going and makes your tummy feel nice and full! Or after working out. Anytime really. I picked up about $10.00 worth of protein powder from bulk barn and it has lasted for many, many smoothies – you just need to store in a cool, dry place. I could go on and on about how great of a product this is…OR, you could just check out the Bulk Barn website for all that great information including nutritional facts πŸ™‚ Add some ground flax seed for increased nutritional benefits!

I use the lil’ magic bullet for this task as it’s the perfect size for one smoothie!

Fruit Protein Smoothie

  • 5-6 ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup mixed fresh or frozen fruit, I used raspberries and blueberries (my fav) Options: Strawberry & Banana, Pineapple & Mango, Peach & Blueberry, Strawberry & Kiwi
  • 1/3 cup plain or vanilla yogurt, if using plain add a splash of pure vanilla extract
  • 1-2 Tbsp Protein Powder
  • 1/2 – 1 Tbsp Ground flax seed
  • 1 Tsp – 1 Tbsp Honey
  1. Add all ingredients to Magic Bullet or blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy Immediately.

Using the magic bullet makes clean up a BREEZE!

Raspberry/Blueberry Smoothie ready to enjoy!

Raspberry/Blueberry Smoothie ready to enjoy!

Delicious and nice colour :)

Delicious! and nice colour πŸ™‚

Easy to make Mix & Match Granola

This recipe is for an incredibly delicious and simple to make mix and match granola.

Use whatever combination of ingredients you have on hand, or that you like best.

Hit up the Bulk Barn for this one if you have time as they have rows upon rows of different goodies that would be perfect for this recipe!


Mix & Match Granola

  • 4 cups rolled oats, wheat or barley (any combination)
  • 1/2 cup sunflower or sesame seeds
  • 1/2 cup honey, maple syrup or a thick homemade syrup made from 1/2 cup packed brown sugar and 2-3 TBSP water
  • 1/4 canola oil
  • 1 TSP vanilla or maple extract
  • 3/4 cups raisins or dried cranberries or any other dried fruit you prefer
  • 1/2 cup nuts of your choice
  • 1/2 TSP salt
  1. In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together except for the dried fruit.
  2. In another bowl mix the syrup, oil and extract until well blended
  3. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix thoroughly until liquids are absorbed. The granola will become darker and shinier.
  4. Spread the granola in a shallow baking pan and bake at 325 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until mostly dry and starting to brown.
  5. Remove from pan and stir in fruit.


  1. Stir granola every ten minutes while baking to ensure it doesn’t burn on bottom.
  2. Granola becomes crispier as it cools because of the oil, keep this in mind while baking.
  3. Store Granola in an airtight container for up to two weeks, or six months stored properly in the freezer

I love this granola served on top of yogurt with fresh fruit…perfect for breakfast or a lovely snack throughout the day πŸ™‚

yummy homemade granola

yummy homemade granola

Fruit and Veggie Salad

We love Salad around here but sometimes get sick of the same ol’ thing.

After the lovely strawberry spinach salad we had a few weeks ago I was totally inspired to try another salad that involved fruits.

I looked round for a bit online to gather some ideas and then turned to my fridge to see what I had…I don’t typically like to go out and buy specific ingredients for recipes that I want to try, and I was very happy to find that I had everything that I needed already!

Be creative and use the fruits and veggies that you like best! This is no rhyme or reason to what I chose other than having those ingredients on hand!

I also whipped up a really yummy vinaigrette for this salad that was super easy and versatile! Try it out πŸ™‚

Fruit and Veggie Salad

Fruit and Veggie Salad

Fruit and Veggie Salad

Romaine, Arugula, Spinach or whatever leafy greens you have on hand [I used Romaine]

Apples sliced into thin discs [I picked Granny Smith and Red Delicious, but pick whatever you like]

Grapes sliced in half [Red or green, I picked Red]


Cucumber cut into thin discs


Red Onion cut into thin discs, Separated

  1. Wash and dry leafy greens in a salad spinner and put into salad bowl.
  2. Wash and cut other ingredients and arrange on top of salad.

Strawberry Vinaigrette

1/4 Cup Olive oil

3 Tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar

1 Tsp. Brown Sugar

Salt and Pepper to Tatse

And the secret ingredient: A big scoop of strawberry jam! Or Raspberry, or Marmalade. Try something new πŸ™‚ IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!

  1. Throw all ingredients into a jar with a tight seal and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE ❀
  2. Pour over salad and ENJOY!

Sweet, Cinnamony Apple Sauce

I find it very hard sometimes to get enough servings of fruits into my body each day. That’s why I’ve started turning fruit into OTHER delcious creations! Like Smoothies, Fruit Salads and most recently:


Fresh, homemade Apple Sauce is one of the EASIEST things you can make at home and stores in the fridge for up to a month! If it even lasts that long!

The hardest part of the process will be picking out the type of apple you wish to use. I had a bag of Macintosh apples that I really wanted to do something with and finally remembered how much I loved Mum’s homemade Apple Sauce and my choice was made πŸ™‚ You can really use which ever type of Apple you like but I would suggest sticking with something sweet and inexpensive! Also, don’t add any sugar until you have simmered for about an hour. Most apples are already SO SWEET that you do no need to add ANY sugar at all. Best of all you can pick all the apples you need locally in the early fall and make enough Apple Sauce to last through the winter! Enjoy local apples ALL YEAR LONG!

I’ve found that Golden Delicious, Gala, Macintosh and Red Delicious are a few good choices, but again pick whatever type of apple you and your family prefer πŸ™‚

Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

A Beautiful Bowl of Macintosh Apples Ready to Become something NEW :)

A Beautiful Bowl of Macintosh Apples Ready to Become something NEW πŸ™‚

At leastΒ  12 Apples of your choice, Washed, Cored and Peeled.

How to Peel and Core an Apple:

  • Cut Apples into smaller portions and place in large pot over low heat, sprinkle with cinnamon to taste.

  • Cook uncovered for at least one hour stirring often to break down apple pieces.

  • After an hour or so of simmering taste Sauce to check for sweetness. If you’d like it a little sweeter add a little brown sugar or more cinnamon.

  • If you like a smoother Apple Sauce mash until desired consistency reached, if you like it a bit chunkier, remove from heat and let cool slightly before enjoying or putting in jars.

  • Store refrigerated in air tight containers up to one month! Or Freeze for up to SIX MONTHS! Amazing for our Long Canadian Winters!

  • [12 Apples makes Approximately 2, 350 ml containers]

Apples after about 40 minutes of simmering, YUMMY!

Apples after about 40 minutes of simmering, YUMMY!

A great way to spice up this recipe is to try two more different Apples in one Sauce. Or better yet, prepare Pear Sauce in the same fashion as Apple Sauce but reduce simmering time as they are naturally soft!


My delicious bowl of Macs in Sauce Form ready to enjoy :)

My delicious bowl of Macs in Sauce Form ready to enjoy πŸ™‚