Women’s Web – Nutrition and healthy eating

I found this great website [actually more of an online community] which has amazing advice for women on DIET AND NUTRITION, as well as health, beauty, careers and fashion.

I particularly found their section outlining Canada’s food guide [or the food pyramid]  quite informative as it highlights the exact amount from each food group a woman needs to take in each day to meet the recommended guidelines. No ONE food or food group can provide us with all the vitamins, minerals or nutrients our body needs to maintain optimal health, that is why it is extremely important to choose the correct portions of food, from the correct groups.

Check out this link below to see just how much, and of what you should be eating each day 🙂

Women’s Web – Nutrition and healthy eating Canana’s food guide

The body needs adequate amounts of specific nutrients from six categories: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Check out this link below to learn more about how a varied diet and these specific nutrients work together to keep you healthy 🙂

The Six nutrients we need for optimal health

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